25 Apr 12 at 4 pm

Does anyone have any requests by any chance today? 

Also, I just found out instagram is now available for android phones but I don’t have many friends that have (or even like) this app so send me a message with your instagram and let me follow some of you? pretty pleeease? :D

24 Apr 12 at 5 pm
tags: fotm 

(a day late I know I know)


our winner of Aprils fotm is thewanderingwillow! who will receive a mixed package of stones and now has a permanent spot on our fotm page! so check her out guys!

20 Apr 12 at 3 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker What does the follower of the month get?

A spot on my fotm page and a package of mixed stones!

19 Apr 12 at 8 pm
tags: Jade  stones  minerals  crystals 
asker How about some moss agate and jade? :)

Absolutely! moss agate is really very beautiful it’s one of my (many) favorites.